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Trading and Investing Experience
We believe you should be in control of your capital at all times.  As a subscriber of WhiteRock Trading, you are able to implement trades right along side us in your own account, or in the account of your clients.  

  • WhiteRock Trading operates on a flat fee basis
  • Our team has over 50 years combined investment experience
  • Extensive Track Record and Transparency
Frequently Asked Questions
Investors and investment professionals come to WhiteRock Trading with questions on how we generate long term alpha, how we work, and how we are different from the competition.  For your convenience we have constructed a list of common questions regarding our newsletter, along with answers to those questions.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss any questions below in a more in depth detail.  

What is WhiteRock Trading? 
-We are a newsletter which offers real time option trading alerts sent via email as we buy and sell options.  

What is WhiteRock Trading's main source of revenue? 
-We charge a flat subscription fee

What is WhiteRock Trading's Investment Approach?
-Our option trading is considered positive theta and vega.  This is accomplished by selling limited risk spreads, and buying more options than we sell. 
How does WhiteRock Trading make money? 
-We make money in two ways, trading for ourselves, and the revenue generated from subscribers.  

How is WhiteRock Trading different from other newsletter services? 
-We produce a complete trading history, do not promise or attempt outsized returns, and do not fabricate our track record.  

What services do WhiteRock Trading's subscribers receive?  
-Subscribers receive an email broadcasted to our subscriber base as we make trades.  

Who makes the trading decisions for WhiteRock Trading?  
-While the trading model is largely mechanical, the trading implementation and final decision making is performed by the trading team.  

What is WhiteRock Trading's Performance History? 
-Please see our performance page for the extensive list of trades.

Can WhiteRock Trading manage an account? 
-Depending on regulatory jurisdiction, we may be able to manage an account, please contact us if this is of interest.  

What is the best way to contact WhiteRock Trading? 
-We can be emailed at our contact page.  


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