Managing Director and Team Leader: Lyle Durham

For the past twenty-five years, Lyle Durham has been involved in the financial services field focusing on capital formation for small companies seeking entry into the marketplace.  WhiteRock is the culmination of many years of trading research and experience that has evolved into a trading philosophy designed to assist in capital growth while limiting risk.  He enjoys hiking, biking and spending time with his Grandchildren.

WhiteRock Models

The WhiteRock option trading models are unique in that it maintains a positive theta stance, while also systematically buying out of the money puts to aid against an aggressive market drop.  This enables premium collection on a nearly constant basis, while having extra protection in place before a market crash may take place.  The resources applied to maintain a stance of positive vega greatly benefited from the volatility in August of 2015, and February of 2018.  When the market incurs significant volatility, the positive vega posture has the capacity to greatly assist in position management.  

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